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This is a collection of notes, cheat-sheets and short tutorials. In some cases (Chemistry), I know what I am talking about. In other cases (Computers), I am just an amateur who documents what works.

Why do I do it then?

  • because teaching is one of the best way to learn;
  • because there are tons of problems that amateurs can come by, and the answers are either poorly documented or hidden in 100s of pages of manuals written by people who know what they do.

Do you like them? Feel free to share them with your friends under CC!



How-tos are step-by-step instruction to help you accomplish a well-defined task. They contain only basic explanations,  and do not intend to explain new concepts in detail.

(coming soon)



Cheetsheets are meant to help start out with something new, AFTER you read the manual, but still cannot recall if you need a colon or a comma, and need to remember “what was that thingy that can do that thingy?”. They are not to explain the basics or new concepts.



Latex for Chemists


Very basic. If you are new to or want to make some basic equations for your Prezi, it can be handy.



Question? Tips? Corrections?

Do you have a question? Did you find a mistake or have a suggestion for improvement? Comment or contact me! I am always glad to hear about others.

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