Gnuplot on Windows

When I was a student and was young, and pretty, and smart, and everything I am not now I always used Origin for visualizing data. Commercial programs however pretty inconvenient, have to buy them again and again, and let us face: most people do not use their extra functionality. So today I decided, I go back to gnuplot.(…)

The power of visualization – are you better then a chimpanzee?

A couple of years ago I heard a conference presentation where the professor was making jokes about  visualization and its role in scientific presentations. He said numbers were used in a presentation when we knew what we talk about, figures and plots when think we knew, but couldn’t explain, and animations when we had no clue. It(…)

The very short history of feminism

Due to  Jean-Baptiste Michel and the Harvard’s Culturnomics Department, keyword research in books is now cool and scientific and uber-out-of-the -box. I think it tells something about the average scientists’ box..  Anyway, thanks to Google, Google Books  now has a similar (though significantly simpler) interface as the Keyword Research Tool + Trending: Google Books Ngram Viewer, it is called. And(…)