Lumberjacks and scientists

Our world is about productivity. We want to conquer everything fast, we want to learn everything fast, we do not supposed to follow our passion, because it is so 2012, we are expected to produce things, papers, credits, reputation, likes, whatever. If it is all about productivity, why people spend all their times on meetings(…)

Codeacademy – Education the fun way

I rarely see education oriented start-ups in any kind of toplists. Yet Mashable included CodeAcademy in its “6 Startups to Watch in 2016” list What does CodeAcademy promise to get on this list? I think most of us agree that key for successful learning is a kind of interest in the topic, the fun of(…)

Be a star before 30!

We all know starts and talents who died very young: Jesus Christ, Mozart, Heath Ledger. Well, if you are in entertainment industry or anywhere with large money and power involved then you generally tend to snort mountains of powdered sugar, get involved in shootings with fellow gang-members or your own shotgun, or maybe get crucified by angry Romans. Science(…)

Another Vimeo Video

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Playing With My Camera

Playing With My Camera

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Another Photo Gallery

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