Quo vadis, Mendeley?

The time has come. We all know it will come and in many ways I am happy, especially happy for the Mendeley Team. The holly matrimony of  Mendeley and Elsevier was inevitable, still leaves a little bitter taste in my mouth. Mendeley needed someone in the publishing place to team up with, it is very(…)


Whenever I am at a proverbial cocktail party, introducing myself and telling my profession – Chemist –  definitely invites some strange looks. Let us be frank: there are few things that scares people as much as Chemistry. Spiders? Sharks? Come on! What makes the dead living or your crocodile grow crazy big? Chemicals! Do you(…)

Dealing with piracy – use a good business model

What angry birds can teach to angry producers?  This is the time of new frontiers. For long time, new frontiers meant some distant, savage land, where one can passing the wilderness, the desert or the ocean. Being on the frontier always meant that you are the underdog compared to the rich, developed centers, but you also had(…)