Competition as a form of procrastination

The other day i was talking with a Japanese student about his dating habit. He said he needed the feel of competition, needed the adrenalin rush, so he likes compa. Compa is a special kind of group-blind date very popular in Japan. Generally a guy and a girl agree to bring over their friends, so(…)

Gnuplot on Windows

When I was a student and was young, and pretty, and smart, and everything I am not now I always used Origin for visualizing data. Commercial programs however pretty inconvenient, have to buy them again and again, and let us face: most people do not use their extra functionality. So today I decided, I go back to gnuplot.(…)

Dealing with piracy – use a good business model

What angry birds can teach to angry producers?  This is the time of new frontiers. For long time, new frontiers meant some distant, savage land, where one can passing the wilderness, the desert or the ocean. Being on the frontier always meant that you are the underdog compared to the rich, developed centers, but you also had(…)