Rent an article!

It seems that some people are as much frustrated by searching articles from small journals as I am. If someone is working as a freelance consultant or something similar and you do not have a friendly and well equipped library around you, it is very hard to get cheap access to scientific papers even from major journals.(…)

Enter the 800lb gorilla

Finally, arrived what should have come for long. At his moment, Google is making the first steps to the Learning Management Systems (LMS) / Learning Content Management System (LCMS) market introducing Course Builder. Let us face it: this step is both logical and necessary. Online-education may become a major segment of the zillion dollar higher-education business, and it is actually(…)

Do we really teach what we should teach?

Frankly speaking: I am a computational chemist with a PhD working in academia, and have regular, though superficial intimate times with  statistics, scientific visualization, programming and similar geeky staffs. Yet, I hardly ever use most of Math I learned in secondary education. I think it is a pretty safe assumption that 95% of the population has even less(…)


Whenever I am at a proverbial cocktail party, introducing myself and telling my profession – Chemist –  definitely invites some strange looks. Let us be frank: there are few things that scares people as much as Chemistry. Spiders? Sharks? Come on! What makes the dead living or your crocodile grow crazy big? Chemicals! Do you(…)

Big Data for teachers

If you thought that the idea of computers make your English teacher trembling and sweating, take this: the age of data mining in education has come! Learning analytics is the new black, according to Adrianes Pinanton. Well, it makes sense. If you like Infographics, you will love this (all due credit to Adrianes Pinanton and(…)

ChemCam on Mars

Chemistry conquered Mars again! After the Mossbauer spectrometers of Pathfinder and co., the first results from ChemCam of Curiosity has arrived: Yeah! And we found a bunch of rocks! Surprising….  

Better education than college

OK, it is somewhat a lie: there are professions where still college is the best education. At least, I do not trust any doctor without any formal education. I would recommend you the same policy. Same goes for dentists. “Is it safe?” So  Huffington Post collected a few alternative ways how one educate herself to(…)

No competition in the world most successful education system

Finland is often mentioned as a “miracle” in many different contents. The land of blond and sauna had a troubled history with the neighboring Soviets and lack of natural resources, yet in the second half of the 20th century they were able to build an eminent  economy backed by industry. The original success story was(…)