We all know starts and talents who died very young: Jesus Christ, Mozart, Heath Ledger. Well, if you are in entertainment industry or anywhere with large money and power involved then you generally tend to snort mountains of powdered sugar, get involved in shootings with fellow gang-members or your own shotgun, or maybe get crucified by angry Romans.

Science says they didnt miss much of the show: if you want to be famous, you have to do it before got 30.  Or at least Forbes magazine in this article says, Science said that. It is mildly ironic that this tendency doesn’t really hold to science according to the original Science article. On one hand this result is slightly depressing to anyone who is above 30 and not famous (like myself). Yet it is not necessarily surprising. I mean, seriously: if you do something for 40 years, and you don’t get famous in it, maybe there are reasonable chances that you do not get much better in the next 5 years, right? One can counter that other times Science (not the magazine) says you have to practice something for about 10-20 years to be really good at it. Child prodigies do not necessarily became successful adults, but most of the young successful adults from Jesus to Bill Gates, Mozart to Amy Winehouse have a long track-record in what they done, generally starting it in childhood and often having a solid family background in that industry.

But one conclusion is sure true: if you are famous and want enjoy it, you shouldn’t go to entertainment industry.

Strange, but politicians, especially dictators, tend to live rather long independently if they get famous young or old. Maybe being a super-villain, epitome of stupidity, selfish greed or hunger for power is much less stressful job than many believes. Maybe drinking like a fish, making famous public speeches or eating lobsters every day with silver chopsticks can cure all the stress caused by carpet-bombing and burning alive tens of thousands of civilians, executing people on industrial scale or letting some million of your people die in famine.

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