Our world is about productivity.

We want to conquer everything fast, we want to learn everything fast, we do not supposed to follow our passion, because it is so 2012, we are expected to produce things, papers, credits, reputation, likes, whatever.

If it is all about productivity, why people spend all their times on meetings and writing retard reports?


Science became a big factory. Or more like a forest with lumberjacks. Let’s cut more, let’s be productive, let’s count impact factor and h-index and z-number and coefficient… Yet, if I open a journal, it is full of dumb papers. Even in Nature and Science I often see basic technical and conceptual mistakes that makes half of the research just unusable or unreproducible. It is not that a big surprise as most of the researchers are not doing research, but supervising and micromanaging unskilled labor, and writing big proposals to convince people to give their money. I have met several professors who write proposals and reports practically full time. How on earth is it productive?

A MIT graduate scientist wrote a book about that knowledge workers should improve their skills on regular basis, and actually they should think, not only copy down what they  learnt in school year or decades before. And this insight shocks so much the audience, that he becomes a best seller author. Shocking, indeed, that a I guys whose only asset his brain should keep it sharp.  Welcome to the work of intellectual lumberjacks.

Productivity is not productive. Chopping trees doesn’t make anything great. Focusing our skills and effort on chopping more, writing more grants, pushing papers instead of reflecting and think critically doesn’t improve much in the situation.

We should appreciate more the silence, more the depth.

Thank you Sir Higgs to remind us.

Dig deeper. Persist. Think.

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