The time has come.

We all know it will come and in many ways I am happy, especially happy for the Mendeley Team. The holly matrimony of  Mendeley and Elsevier was inevitable, still leaves a little bitter taste in my mouth.

Mendeley needed someone in the publishing place to team up with, it is very hard to do other way, either if they are free or not. Since they are a start-up with significant venture funding, there is a pressure on such deals, too. And Elsevier was always in the forefront of innovation, among the firsts that allowed online download of papers or open up an API. ACS, Springer or especially RCS just sucks in innovation, let us be frank. So in a way it was destiny that a big publisher will come in and this big publisher will most probably be Elsevier. And we shouldn’t forget the Mendeley team worked hard toward this goal creating a great product.

On the other hand, it is hard to forget the contradictions about Elsevier business practices. In many eyes, Elsevier is dr. Evil of Science, the epitome of evil business.

All I can say: congratulation and good luck, Mendeley!

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