Whenever I am at a proverbial cocktail party, introducing myself and telling my profession – Chemist –  definitely invites some strange looks. Let us be frank: there are few things that scares people as much as Chemistry.

Spiders? Sharks? Come on! What makes the dead living or your crocodile grow crazy big? Chemicals! Do you want to scare someone away from a food? Tell her, it stinks, bad to health? No! Have high calorie? Maybe… But the sure tip is telling it contains chemicals!

As a counter attack, Royal Society announced a £ 1 million bounty to anyone who can show a real 100% chemical-free food or any other materials back in 2008. While RSC has definitely good sense of humor, it is surprising I never heard about it in any regular news. Maybe journalists, couldn’t see the pun?

It seems this challenge inspired many bright minds: the all-natural junk food age has come, when even ascorbinic acid (vitamin C) have to be eliminated from chips to make it more healthy-sounding. Congratulation, now it sounds really healthy!



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