OK, it is somewhat a lie: there are professions where still college is the best education. At least, I do not trust any doctor without any formal education. I would recommend you the same policy. Same goes for dentists. “Is it safe?”

So  Huffington Post collected a few alternative ways how one educate herself to a profession. Here are the 12 ways. Such posts are generally interpreted as guidelines for people who are young and not planning to go to college, but want to work. It is nice, but I think the real scope is bigger, and it is worth to read if you already have a profession and a job. Why? First, continuous education is a must for every professional. While there are official channels for this, often pretty established one, it never hurts to consider other opportunities and explore / be proactive in less established opportunities. Even if you are a professor in academia, you still can have an online portfolio, can volunteer or can have a Kickstart campaign.

Second, the reality of life is that professional opportunities are a rapidly changing landscape nowadays, and many professional shift or completly changes their career to another field. Now assuming that this new field is not being a medical doctor, most people has no good reason to return to college. So such lists can be useful for both career changers or people who just want to cover new corner in their field.

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